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Scottish Dog Kilt

Prices Starting At: $74.99

Your Wee one will be ready for the Parade in this perfectly detailed Scottish Doggy Kilt. Gold or silver buttons with velcro closures for a perfect fit. Don't forget the matching Tam it doesn't come with the Kilt. Wee orginally designed these to fit a Scottish Terrier or Westhighland white terrier but they are a hit with any breed, and we can design no matter how big or small.Aaarroooooo, Aren't Wee Good!

* You can choose any bodice collar with any plaid wee offer. The plaid in photo is RED Stewart OR RED003 from our pull down menu.


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What Breed is your dog?*
What is the around the middle measurement of your dog? see diagram.*
Aproximately how much does your dog weigh?*
Scottish kilt color options*
What Bodice color would you like?*
How Long is your dog see diagram*
What is your Dogs around the neck measurement? *
Check which buttons you prefer
Do you want name embroidered on Kilt *
If you want name what will it say?
What Font do you want?
Is there anything else you think we should know while designing your custom kilt?
Do you want a matching tam?*
No thank you!
Yes, Please! (+ $24.99)
Do you want matching bagpipes?*
No, thank you!
Yes, Please! (+ $22.99)

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